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Mann Capital is an active investor partner in a variety of non-real estate Operating Businesses.

If you have an Earlier Stage, Proven Product or Service Business, and want to expand, Mann Capital can provide:

  1. Equity investment up to $20,000,000
  2. Banking loan support up to $50,000,000
  3. Superior administrative systems and people
  4. Superior legal and accounting teams
  5. Years of experience and knowledge in operating businesses
  6. A first class honest and reliable partner who follows through on the plans envisioned.

We are constantly on the lookout for Acquisitions/Partnerships that will help our existing divisions grow; facilitate entry into new markets; extend our product or service offerings, facilitate vertical integration or horizontal growth.

  1. A capable management team.
  2. A significant market share, either within an industry or a market niche.
  3. A diversified supplier and customer base.
  4. A North American operations base.

We will consider start- ups and high tech businesses, if the business concept and the management team is superior.

If you own, operate, or work for a business that you believe might be a good candidate for acquisition/partnership, please do not hesitate to confidentially contact us at our head office.